reading 315mhz receiver binary

So, I'm working on a project where we receive any 315mhz transmission, duplicate the signal and then re-transmit that signal as if we were the originator. I don't need to know what the signal says, I just need to be able to capture the signal. I will then use a transmitter to duplicate that signal and send it as if we were in control of the original remote.

For example, we take a controller and press any button. I don't care what button it is, I just want to capture the binary sequence and store it in my arduino. It may not be binary, I'm not sure.

Does anyone have a program that already does this? I have looked around and everyone wants to convert it to a different signal or make their own signal. I just want to keep that original signal and duplicate it, essentially I want to have the ability to clone their button.

Something like that does exist for IR remote controls, but not for RF signals.
It is hard to tell by code only when the data starts, but it is easy when the received signal is shown in Audacity.
The most common way is to record the data, and put the timings into a sketch.
You can use SDR to record the de-modulated AM signal and open it in Audacity and show a screendump to us.
Or make a attenuator to convert the 5V signal from the receiver into 0.5V and connect that to a line-in of a computer and record it with Audacity.

To receive and re-transmit "any" data, you have to know the start of the data, which requires a receiver with a 'strength' output, a RSSI pin. But the very cheap 315MHz and 433MHz receivers don't have that.

Could you limit it for the 2262 / 2272 protocol only ? There are libraries (RCSwith and fuzzillogic) that can detect the start of the data and record it.