Reading a continous flow of data from a webserver

HI, I have a home automation system that give s on a webpage a continuous flow of data (every second) in JSON format for a dozen of measured parameters.

I would need to read them and copy in the corresponding variables.

So globally three steps:

  1. Logging to server ( Digest authentication) - solved I think

  2. reading String from Webpage Every second - NO IDEA HOW TO DO it and found no tutorials/examples

  3. Parsing JSON and extracting data (easiest part I think)

Can anyone help with some links/opinion?

There is a meta tag for refresh; that would probably an easy way. See HTML meta http-equiv Attribute

A refresh every second is a lot; are the server and the browser in te same network? Or is it going to be via the internet (in which case I suspect that you can forget it).

Thanks for the answer.
The server and teh client are on the same subnet a few (30) feets between. It is an SSE server so it is transmitting continously. I do not need to refresh teh webpage it just print. I was needing to get the data in a small microcontroller ( Arduino, ESP and alike) and if possibly in a zigbee network in order to control some home automation .
I think I solved the problem by using GetStreamPtr with an ESP8266.
It seems to work fine.

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