Reading a CSV from an SD card and sending the data to a NeoPixel strip

Hi there,
I was hoping someone could point out what might be going wrong in my script.I am trying to set the RGBW values for a Neopixel strip by using the data logging shield for arduino uno. The script reads all the data correctly, for each pixel for each frame the values are correct, the lights don’t seem to go on though.
It is worth noting that each line of the csv file is 1 frame for 60 pixels on the strip * 4 (rgbw) which is 240 values for 1 frame.
This is a small csv with 10 frames for testing I have a much larger sequence for the final csv.
I have tested that my wiring is correct with the basic strandtest for RGBW and that is fine and works.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A typical frame:

181029_SDCSVdata.ino (4.34 KB)

file.parseInt(). it skips leading non digits and stops on a non digit. so you only need call file.parseInt() to receive the individual numbers between comas.

read the reference

My script works to send out CSV over the SD card and it reads perfectly well on an ARDUINO DUE!, guess it is too much for the UNO, that was a waste of some hours.