Reading a DS18B20 with Teleduino


I've recently began integrating arduinos in various projects and I've successfully used the DS18B20 sensors to read various temperatures.

I was wondering if anybody has been able to read the DS18B20 with the teleduino API?

I'm afraid that my expertise is not big enough to answer that question presently.

Thanks in advance for any information.


I was wondering if anybody has been able to read the DS18B20 with the teleduino API?

This is not possible because that API doesn't support OneWire devices (a link to the teleduino page would have helped us getting the necessary information faster). As all the source code is available you can add that feature yourself, though.

Thanks pylon for the information and sorry for omitting the link to teleduino. As for modifying teleduino, since the proxy service is controlled by them, I'm not sure that it is possible to add methods to the API but I haven't tried myself.

The application I currently use to read the DS18B20 doesn't use the one-wire library and does the one-wire gymnastics directly in the code. I hoped that a similar gymnastic could be done with the existing teleduino methods.

So my original question is now: "Has anybody successfully modified teleduino for use with one-wire devices?"

Thanks again for your answer.


I haven't written, it's necessary to change the "API" (better protocol) but you need to change the code running on your Arduino. After reading the DS18B20 on the Arduino you can send it as an analog value to the proxy and receive it the same way but you loose resolution (10bit instead of 12bit). Do you really need the teleduino protocol so that this limitation is not invested too much?


No I don’t really need the teleduino API. I was just trying to establish the boundaries of what could and could not be done with it.

As I’m relatively new to the arduino platform, I’m still trying to learn as much as I can about it.

Thanks again.


If you’re not completely tied to the DS18B20, then you could try the TMP102 -

It uses the I2C bus, which is supported by the Teleduino.

I’ve recently got them running on it quite nicely, and intend to post an Instructable as soon as time allows!