Reading a GPS via uno issues

I have an Uno, and a Garmin GPS 18x LVC. At this point, I have tried tinyGPSPlus in combination with SoftwareSerial, and receive "Something" but it is unreadable. From what I understand is that the data incoming is in RS232, and needs to be inverted to TTL or vice versa. I am hoping there is a way to do that with the arduino board itself instead of purchasing a 7404 or a MAX232 as indicated in this thread

Using the "Fullexample.ino" via the TinyGPSPlus library, I can get every second a compounding chars count as in the attached photo.

I have the GPS hooked up as so
red <=> 12V
black <=> G
white <=> pin4(rx)
green <=> pin3(tx)

All the help I have found is from 2010. Has anyone else tried hooking this GPS up?
Thank you.

I am invincible!

After almost hitting purchase on sparkfun's $5 part, I found this thread

inverter logic for software serial

Nobody mentioned it before, but I added a 1 after RX and TX, and BAM! GPS coordinates!