Reading acc, angular velocity and magnometer from razor IMU with Mega 2560

Hi Guys! I have been trying to read and store the acceleration, angular velocity and magnometer separately from razor IMU via MEGA 2560. following Peter's tutorial here (Tutorial · Razor-AHRS/razor-9dof-ahrs Wiki · GitHub), i am able to get readings with a FTDI breakout board. However, From my understanding, FTDI does not have a built-in EEPROM so i can't store values in the board. As a result, I tried to connect the IMU to MEGA but I just get a stream of 255 for the output with the following setup and script

this is how i connect the IMU with MEGA
IMU | MEGA 2560
GND ---- GND
3.3v ----- 3.3v
TX0 ---- RX0
RX1 ---- TX1

this is my arduino code

#include "Wire.h"
#define razoraccread 0xA7
#define razoraccwrt 0xA6

#define BUFF_SIZE 40
char buffer[BUFF_SIZE];

void setup() {
  Wire.begin();   // wake up I2C bus 
  Serial.println("Starting Communication with Razor IMU");

void getaccdata(byte *a, byte *b, byte *c ) {
  Wire.beginTransmission (razoraccwrt);
  Wire.write(0);  // move your register pointer back to 00h"
  Wire.endTransmission(); // thanks now we done 

void loop () {
  byte aa,bb,cc;
  delay (500);

Please Let me know if my posting format is incorrect, or more information is needed, I will avoid making the same mistakes for my next post. Please help! i've been stuck on this problem for quite some time. any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.