reading an array coming over the serial input...??

i have 2 arduino UNOs set to communicate with each other with serial interface.
I need to send an array of data from one to the other.
As i understood,I can do thos using the serial.write(buf, len)... am I correct?
So if it is correct how can I read this array at the Rx arduino and put it in an array for further processing..?

An array of what datatype?

array of int data type. And only 9 elements.
I need to read and make this same array in the other arduino..

I would like to do the same thing. I have found some complicated examples of reading strings.

Why not just send the nine elements, one after the other, perhaps with start and end of packet markers, then reconstruct the array at the receiving end.

ya,that would work.. so how should I send my array data?
1 by 1 or send the whole array using Serial.write(buf , len) ?

I'd do it one by one. I'm sure others would do it differently.