Reading and storing analog values to a local database

Hello, I am designing a home automation project that will also measure power consumptions of my home too. I am using Arduino Uno along with Dragino Yun shield for wifi connectivitiy. I will connect a current sensor to my arduino's analog pins.... The sensor value it reads i can get it through wifi on my computer through a url that is like this "" . Problem is that now i want to make a local web server on my PC that will be able to log values from this url into a database and i can see a graph of current consumptions on my web server. I cant really understand how to log these values regularly in a database. Any help would be appreciated

That's not really an arduino question - it sounds like you have that side figured out.

You'll need a web server and a database. Which rather depends on your operating system - what is it?

If you prefer to pull the data from the arduino rather than have it push, as you've suggested, you'll need something running on the PC to do that periodically.

Your PC will need to be running all the time (assuming you want 24 hour data coverage) - is that OK? If you're concerned about power consumption, perhaps not.

Other folks have done a similar thing using a Raspberry Pi as the web server. Here's a blog about how a guy in Arizona did it: desert-home. I've done a similar (though less complex) thing with a LAMP server which I had anyway. If I hadn't, I'd likely have gone the same route with the Pi.

Do you need to host this yourself? Xively is a possible alternative. Why not use emoncms It does all your needs.It's very powerfull, free and easy to setup.You could use it online or if you prefer install in your local server and then expose it to the internet ...

See for your self Happy coding