Reading and translating SD CSD data

Hello everyone, I am trying to add SD memory card access to my Arduino Mega 2560. I have wired a 1GB micro SD card via breadboard to the correct pins and I have written functions that first initializes SPI, then SD card and them verifies that initialization is finished via CMD1. All of this based on the instructions I found here:

(codedotgoogledotcom) /p/rbcmp3/wiki/SDCard (at the bottom of the page)

Next I wrote a function that sends a command and then copies the 16 reply bytes and discards the last 2 CRC bytes. I then test my read function sending CMD9 CMD_SEND_CSD and I get the following 16 bytes:

0 - 0xFF 1 - 0xFF 2 - 0x00 3 - 0x7F 4 - 0x00 5 - 0x7F 6 - 0x00 7 - 0x7F 8 - 0x00 9 - 0x7F 10 - 0x00 11 - 0x7F 12 - 0x00 13 - 0xFF 14 - 0x00 15 - 0xFF

Here's my problem... for the life of me, I can't seem to find a place that tells me what each byte stands for, IOW's... How do I go about making sense of this?

I'm not looking for someone to "do my homework" so to speak, I am genuinely interested in figuring out how this works, so if someone would be kind enough to help me get unstuck, (maybe a doc that says what each value represents?) I'd really appreciate it. :)