Reading and writing PWM signals

Please help us in reading the PWM signals that are coming from the receiver .
We have a four channel receiver that outputs 4 PWM signals of 22 ms pulse,the on time of PWM signal varies from 1 ms to 2 ms on moving the analog stick of the transmitter from bottom to top position on channel1 and similarly on other channels.
We are new and have never read the PWM signals in atmega8,

After reading the PWM signals,we have to process those signals and then generate four PWM signals according to our logic .All ur help will be appreciated.


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If I told you the correct term is PPM (pulse position modulation) it might help you search a little more efficiently.

Can you please tell me how can we see the PPM pulses,because we actually get the PWM pulse when we read the signals on CRO.We are nowhere getting the PPM pulse neither on the receiver side nor after the I doing something wrong because we are getting only PWM pulses everywhere???.......

Please help

we actually get the PWM pulse when we read the signals on CRO.

They do look a little like PWM, don't they?