reading arduino LCD panel data

SetCursor (0,1) How to read data with 15 characters

You write to the LCD.

You don't read from it.

You haven't provided enough information.
Like what type of LCD are you using?

If you are using a hd44780 LCD and communicating with it using either direct Arduino pin control or an i2c backpack,
you can read from the display using my hd44780 library.

Note that if using direct Arduino pin control you must hook up an Arduino pin to control the R/W signal on the LCD.

You simply set the cursor position, and use the read() method to read the data at the cursor position.
Each call to read() returns a single byte and advances the cursor position.

The hd44780 library is available in the IDE library manager so it can easily be installed.
You can read more about the hd44780 library on it the github page:

The i/o classes that support read() have an example sketch called ReadWrite that demonstrates using the read() method to read data from the LCD.

--- bill