Reading AT response for Sony Ericsson T630


I have managed to get a Sony Ericsson T630 sending SMS and answering voice calls using Softserial ok. It is for use in a remote location intruder alarm. I want to basically send an SMS to notify of an intrusion, which works well, then to answer an inbound GSM call in order to listen in on what triggered the alarm. When the inbound call terminates, I want to then put the Arduino UNO back into a polling or alarm mode to check for further triggers or continue with alarm mode etc. I can get the Arduino UNO to recognise the inbound call ok and answer the call, even terminate the call but how to detect when the calling-in party has hung up and the system is in IDLE mode again? That's my problem.

Is there an AT response to check for the IDLE condition? ie the calling party has hung up! I have looked several times but not found any clues in the AT command set. I'm sure it's there but for whatever reason, I can't find it!! Anybody been there and done that?

My first post, please be kind.

Have you tried sending all characters from the phone to Serial Monitor and then seeing if anything is received when the caller hangs up?

Yes, I have the serial bus monitored and cannot detect when the calling party hangs up. I'm not sure if there is an AT command to interrogate this state, that's my problem. I am using putty direct to the pc whilst experimenting and cannot detect any change using this either so it's not the line buffering at fault. I just wondered if there is an AT Command I have not set in order to track line condition.

I can default to a set time, and then terminate the call using the Arduino, but not very flexible if I want to monitor any voice conversations before taking appropriate action. This could be anywhere between 5 secs or 5 minutes!

Answering my own question, how sad is that?

I eventually found the AT Command, AT+CPAS It reports a 4 for on a call in progress and 0 for phone idle, exactly what I needed to know. There are so many AT Commands to wade through and if you are not familiar, I found it very laborious, but all sorted now. :)

The Ericsson T630 is a great phone for interfacing to the Arduino for SMS and remote phone control. For a newbie to this field, I recommend it.