Reading Audio Files From SD Card Yields Static

Hi everyone,

First off, let me say that I'm a bit of a scrub with Arduinos. I'm working on a project in school that requires us to read a .wav file off of an SD card and play it through an audio jack, and whenever I attempt to play the .wav file it flat out doesn't work. It results in something resembling radio static and a vague attempt at playing the song. I've checked that my audio jack works by using the toneMelody program from Arduino examples. This is all using the sample tmrPCM program, below -

#include "SD.h"
#define SD_ChipSelectPin 5
#include "TMRpcm.h"
#include "SPI.h"

TMRpcm tmrpcm;

void setup(){
tmrpcm.speakerPin = 9;
if (!SD.begin(SD_ChipSelectPin)) {
Serial.println("SD fail");



void loop(){  

What I'm questioning, is one, is my audio file correct? I currently have the .wav as a 16khz, 8bit unsigned .wav. The SD card reader I bought (here) doesn't have a MISO pin, but rather a pin labeled MOSO. Is this just a manufacturing defect, or am I missing the mark? Every other tutorial I can dig up on the internet mentions a MISO pin. I hooked up the reader using the MOSO as the MISO pin, and it seems to work. At the very least, it accurately reads and writes from text files. Any other help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Flo

Well, turns out lowering the volume inside the program does the trick. I don't know why that worked, but my problem has been resolved.