Reading automotive temperature sensor


I want to read the temperature from the sensor which i have attached. i dont have any details about the sensor. its a NTC thermistor sensor and it give a resistance value or 440 ohm at room temperature (30 degree)

while searching the forum and lookup tables all sensors give around 10k to 12k at room temperature so i cant use that.

my circuit is as follows

V+ (5V)
2.7K resistor
analog pin

i am planning to use Steinhart-Hart Thermistor Equation but i cant find the ABC values as given here Arduino Playground - Thermistor2

how to proceed with this sensor.


i cant find the ABC values as given here

Not sure what you want. Do you want to find the coefficients for your thermistor. There are Steinhart-Hart Thermistor Equation calculators that will help with that. Here is one. Take resistance readings at 3 temperatures and enter the data into the calculator.