reading back wiznet's mac address


I need for sanity check to read back the mac loaded to the wiznet 5100, can someone help please?
same question for the 5500?

Thanks for your help


mac on 8 bite?
I dont understand how to use it

uint8_t mac[6];

PieterP, very much appreciated! I think that your reply is the first given to a question often asked

Now I am finding that with this specific shield when the read back mac is corrupted it will remain so until I press the reset button on the shield but I am unsure if it got fixed due to the reset or to some bad pin contact that somewhat improves by the mechanical pressure on the button and my intuition goes in favor of this lat hypothesis.

MAC returned corrupted again.
This time I pressed with my nail the metal cage housing the reset button: next reboot wiznet was initialized OK!