Reading BLE TPMS sensor with Arduino


First post on the forum, quite a noob still with Arduino although made a few devices in the past with it.

I just built a MLX90614 based tire temp array using Arduino. (WTFTemp 1.0b DIY Tire Temp Array - YouTube)

I also wanted to add tire pressure to be logged along with the tire surface temperatures. For that I bought TPMS sensor that operates through BLE and are connected straight to smartphone. The model I'm using is Accutire MS-4388. As I suspected, reading the pressure from the sensor is quite easy. I would need to make a read request with certain handle to receive the pressure in response.

However, implementing this to my Arduino setup doesn't seem to be as straight forward as I thought. I have a HM10 BLE module, but after doing a bit of googling, I found it actually only supports serial communications over the BLE channel, so sending a request to TPMS sensors through HM10 seems impossible.

Are there any other options where the BLE module would act as master and send write and read requests to slave devices - and read the responses also? I know this could be done via RPi, so next option would be transferring my project to that platform. Though it seems a bit overkill for such a simple task. would this work for me?


I captured these with wireshark: