Reading bytes in datasheet

Hi I'm reading the data sheet for the GD25LQ64CSIGR. And under the command description section they list Bytes like Byte 1: 06H or Byte 2: BBH. What does this mean and how do I recreate the command using the SPI library?

Post a link to the data sheet.

Why not just send the byte as it is?
That is the command.

Poor choice, it’s a 1.8 volt only device, meant for use with fpga’s.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, get 3.3 volt device* and use a library. If you insist on doing it yourself, use the library as a guide for how to work with serial memory.

*You must use level shifters with AVR devices

How do i sent it as is?

What? Just send byte.
I thought you know how to operate SPI.

I can't explain any more.
Your code and schematics are unknown to me.

BBH is 0xBB

H means hexadecimal (aka hex). So in C you'd use 0x06 and 0xBB
for those values.

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