reading characters and place in array

sir in my project am reading characters and place in it is perofrm sir...

Do you mean you have an array of characters and want to print each one out and say where it is in the array?

char message[] = "helloWorld";
byte numberOfCharacters = sizeof(message) / sizeof(message[0]);

void setup()
  Serial.print("Number of characters "); Serial.println(numberOfCharacters); 
  //this will be 1 more than the characters you can see in the array to account for the invisible terminator
  for (byte i = 0; i < numberOfCharacters - 1; i++)
    Serial.print("Character ");
    Serial.print(" is ");
} //setup

void loop()

} //loop
Number of characters 11
Character 0 is h
Character 1 is e
Character 2 is l
Character 3 is l
Character 4 is o
Character 5 is W
Character 6 is o
Character 7 is r
Character 8 is l
Character 9 is d

If you’re receiving serial characters and want to put them into an array, this basic framework might help:

#define MAX_CHARS   64
void setup() 

void loop() 
    static byte
        index = 0;
    if( Serial.available() > 0 )
            grArray[index] = (char);
            if( index == (MAX_CHARS - 1) )
        }while( Serial.available() > 0 );


This literally just receives characters and put them into an array. It doesn’t check for start or stop characters, it doesn’t print anything, it just puts ser-chars into an array. The only thing it checks is to make sure it doesn’t run off outside the bounds of the array to avoid stomping memory.

If you have a defined message structure (message that ends with a , for example) you can put checks in for that and process a complete message (e.g. print it). You can add other fields to a message, like a header byte, a message-size byte, a checksum etc etc to help align and check if the message is good or not.

But you gotta start somewhere.

If you're receiving serial characters and want to put them into an array,

Ah, I read it as OP wanting to read a character along with its place (noun) in the array. Your interpretation of place as in put (verb) is probably correct.