Reading CT on analog port

Hi All, I am very new at this but seem to be getting along OK. I have just purchased a Nono v3.0, a very nice little toy, and want to experiment, hopefully without any explosions. I want to know if anyone has done or already does read CT's with their Arduino.... Why must I go through re-inventing the wheel? I would like to read a Current Transformer that I want to put around a plug circuit in my distribution board to monitor the amps flowing through this circuit over a time period. I also 'dabble' around quite a bit with Delphi so my ultimate goal is to 'read' the data from a few of my plug circuits and do a bit of datalogging to see where all that expensive power is really going. Bit of an arb project, because I should have a very good idea of where the power is going in my house but I have a few CT's that I scrounged out of old pre-payment meters and I thought I could put them to a good use. Thank you all. Feel free to email me. Best Regards, Roger

Hi Roger

This sort of application is pretty common so there’s no need to be a pioneer :slight_smile:

I’ve found lots of very useful information at which includes lots of quite detailed explanations for the why as well as how of these things.

Cheers ! Geoff