Reading data from Google Analytics

This is a very open-ended Q but is there a way to read data from Google Analytics? I found a few tutorials that show how to send data to GA but nothing on how to read data from GA. I wanted to build a small device that can show me page views for a specific section on my website on an OLED screen connected to the Arduino + Ethernet/WiFi shield.

I have not used Google Analytics but here are some thoughts.

Search for keywords like;
google analytics api real time tracking

There may be something in the APIs to return data. In the worst case there has to be some way that y u can build a webpage that displays the information you require simply. Your device would have to then request that webpage and parse the HTML returned to extract the data.

From a quick skim of info it looks like there may be daily quotas on the amount of realtime tracking that you can do so you should probably explore what those limitations are.