Reading Data from Prepaid Energy meter

Hello everyone,
I am trying to read data from INHEMETER three phase energy meter but getting no luck first I tried to interface it directly from USB to RS485 interface later by using RS-485 module.
I also follow a post but remains clueless with the issue.
Anyone have idea how to read it directly atleast, or with arduino module?

Thanks in advance.

Please post a link to the datasheet for the meter


Here is the mfr link,

My Product is DTZ-1513 (2011) three phase. which is not available on their site now.

Picture of the meter is also attached

Image from Reply #2 so we don't have to download it. See this Simple Image Posting Guide


Without a link to the datasheet for your meter I don't know how to help.


I also dont find any datasheet for it :(.
Anyways really thanks.

I am going to post another question related to Rotary encoder. Check if you can give your input in that :slight_smile: