Reading data from sim card actively

Hello everyone

I want to actively read data sent by or to a sim card. All I found talked about dumping sim cards or about cracking its password.

What I want to do is really very simple.

For example, I have an old phone with a sim attached to it, with all the pins already also connected to arduino.
Then I send it an sms and I want to capture the data when it receives the sms and save that data as is.
Finally, I want to use the same data to make the phone think it got the same sms.

Until now, what I know is that I need two pins from sim card (clock to "coordinate" the procesor, and IO port to listen to the data).

Any information will be helpful
Thanks in advance

So, you want to get rid of the phone and send/receive text messages directly from the SIM....

Can’t happen. Ever.
You need the phone (or modem) to handle the 2/3/4G cellular radio connection.

If you want to try something else, there’s a section further down in the forum dedicated to ‘GSM’ shields* which may help you understand the problem.

(* should be renamed to include the three later generations of cellular shield)

Not at all.

I just want to "record" the "signal" that the sim gives to the phone whenever a sms is received. Then, I want to use that exact signal to trick the phone making it think it received the same sms

The SIM doesn’t send a signal to the phone. or receive SMS messages.
The SIM is a special kind of memory card that simply holds your subscriber information.
The phone electronics poll the card when it needs that data, or in the case of SMS, the phone /modem receives the SMS, and may optionally save it in the SIM if it has appropriately allocated memory.
The SIM is relatively dumb, the phone does the work.

You may find somewhere ??? a SIM card ‘emulator’ used in phone development if that’s what you’re really after.

Maybe time to re-explain the problem you’re trying to address.