Reading Emails and Audio Alerts

I'm working on a couple of related Arduino projects. One is a device where you plug an iPod (or whatever music device you want) into it and it will interrupt your music an alert you about things like some walking into your cubilce, your phone ringing, or a new email. That way you can crank up your music and you won't miss things. I guess you could also use it to wake you up when you're sleeping in your cubicle and you're boss is coming your way. When I was making that I thought it would be cool if it could read you some information from the email (who it's from and the subject) so I created a proof of concept where you can create a wav file on your computer then send it over to the Arduino via the USB interface (so really via serial). You should be able to do the same thing with an XBee. You could also use the same thing to transfer any file over to the Arduino for it to write on the SD card. Here are links to the projects

"Sound Switcher" - "Reading Email with the Arduino and Wave Shield" -