Reading Failures from microSD on 2.8" TFT (ILI9341)

The microSD card is formated FAT32.
The test image, purple.bmp, is on the microSD card.
The spitftbitmap example is uploaded to the Arduino Mega.
I’ve added other images, and copied “bmpDraw(file, 0, 0);” into the loop() function.
When trying to read from the microSD card, it fails.
Solution: while running, take out the microSD card, put it back in, and press the reset button.

It doesn’t work if I only press the reset button.
Is there an issue with the 2.8" TFT display, and/or microSD card?

There are many display variants out there with different schematic designs, pin allocations, parallel, serial etc etc so a web link to the vendors product page would help. Check the photos on that page "exactly" visually match the board you have, many vendors in China show a picture of one TFT board and a completely different one is delivered. Tiny visible differences may be important clues to the design you have, post pictures of your actual display if the vendors images do not precisely match what you have.

As a guess, it looks like a power up problem perhaps due to library configuration order o the hardware and lack of pullups on the chip select lines. So right at the beginning of setup() try setting the chip select pins to outputs and logic high before anything else gets initialised by the libraries.