reading file on the SD card


i using the mega to log my PV system. I log to a site and also on the SD card.(every 5minutes). But sometimes the data will not be accepted by the site , reason ...because of internetproblems to serverbusy etc.. ???.. but the data is always on the SD card.. now i remove the SD card once a month , to added the mising data to the site .. but is there a easier way to read the data from the SD card

by sending the CSV file through mail ... or?? is it easy to attach a csv file to a mail and will it be fast enough, because im saving data every 5minutes to SD card

does somewone has experiance in this case


Im a complete noob, so my language wont be technical

One of the examples has a section where by it only writes to the SD card periodically. it buffers the data inbetween onboard the arduino. This is used because it uses a lot of a battery power to write to the card. on the flip side if the power dies you loose what was saved to the buffer in that period. perhaps you could use that function, make the writes to SD card occur only once every half hour or so? (or even on the half hour using the RTC, so you know how much time you have to take the card out and do what you need to do?)

also, my SD card breakout board has a pin which can be used to tell when there is a card in the slot (or not) you could use that function so that when the card is missing, the sketch buffers the data. once the card is returned to the slot, it dumps what it has saved and carries on as normal

I have NO idea what the removal of the card does to the sketch.