Reading files from usb drive

I'm completely new to the Arduino.

I need to read folders and files from a usb stick and display them as a file browser on a small lcd screen. Is there a library that will read a usb drive and allow me to display them? (I have an Arduino uno at my disposal but I am open to purchasing a different board or shield or whatnot.

Thank you! sorry, I looked up usb host and couldn't find anything. But turns out I was just googling wrong, my bad!

Aspects of your project:

  • USB master firmware for storage device class (stick, SD, HDD, SSD...)
  • file systems as used on the USB device

Code for file systems can be found in Linux OS sources. Usable USB firmware may be available for a Leonardo or similarly powerful controller, but most probably not for an Uno. Once the USB firmware is changed from Serial to Storage device it will be impossible to use USB for program upload.

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