reading from a CAN bus (NMEA 2000) with arduino

Hello, Does anybody know of any project dealing over this topic? Thanks a lot for your answers and tips. Mario.


did you read nmea ? by can ? with arduino ????

i habe a new project where i have to connect to a display of raymarine (st70) who is with can nmea like 2000. if you have information about i'd be happy if you can give me some tips about connecting.

today it's hobby but i think it can be a project for longer time, most motors and sensors are old and can not be connected to st70. if i can build a interface (read analog/impulse data form sensors like temp or rpm) and send to st70 (expensive hardware) there ar a lot of people who want so interfaces. i can produce circuits with smd an i can mill secial cases.

are you interested in this thematic ?

my contact data you can find at

kindly regards

wolfgang beppler :)

I'm curious if this went any further. Did you actually attach the arduino directly to the NMEA 2000 network directly with a DIY cable or did you use some kind of gateway?

Thanks, -patrick

hi svdeepplaya,

at this time i did read can-bus data from raymarine with my pc. last week i got my circuit with atmega16 and can-controller from microchip and candriver. now i want to read raymarine-data with my atmega and then send data with my atmega. in the moment it dont work, i have a bug in my circuit. but then i will have problems to act as sensor because raymarine is close to the protocol.

if there is anyone who has information about raymarine-can-protocol, i would be happy about infos.

if you do in the same thing (marine-data) contact me !

so long

wolfgang :-)