Reading from CAN bus in my car

Hello World,
I have recently taken on a project where I need to read information off of the CAN bus in my car. I have put together a circuit using the MCP2551 and the MCP2515 and have that connected to my arduino duemilanove according to the schematic linked below. I used the circuit to log some data off of my car as I did a little drive around the neighborhood and got some interesting results (linked below). I did some thorough googleing and found that the CAN bus data starts with an id and is followed by 8 bits of data. However looking at the data I have collected, every time an id shows up the data that follows is always identical to any other time that id shows up. Also I seem to only be getting 7 bits of data. After looking a little more closely I found that I was getting two types of data. One where there is an id followed by F0 7C D2 3A 89 5C 3F and another where there is an id followed by 2F D5 63 A9 3F 6F 17. Where is my problem? Is it a programming problem or is it my wiring? Why am I only getting 7 bits of data? If the state of the car is constantly changing, shouldn’t the data change to?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a fritzing diagram based on my wiring:

My wiring is based off of this schematic:

#include <SPI.h>
#include CAN.h>

/* This program is a CAN-bus monitor.  It listens on a
 * CAN bus and prints out the IDs and data fields of
 * any CAN messages it hears.  */

CanMessage message;
byte i;

void setup()

void loop()
  if (CAN.available()) {
    message = CAN.getMessage ();
    message.print (HEX);

I am using the library linked below. I tried many different libraries but this is the only one that seemed to work

MCP2551 datasheet:

MCP2515 datasheet:

CAN bus log (just the first 160 pages of it):

the same CAN bus log in alphabetical order (easier to read):

Eagle file of schematic:

Try the library here: GitHub - coryjfowler/MCP_CAN_lib: MCP_CAN Library
I've been cleaning up some of the bugs I found and seems to be very stable at this point.