Reading from COM port on my arduino...


Is there any possibilities to read my COM port in Arduino board outside of Arduino 022 application ? I wanna read it from my own application....

Any links / references will be very appreciated,

Thanks a lot

Not sure what you mean. Most programming languages wil read a com port on your computer.

you can read anything you want from the serial port you, start with printing messages to the serial window with the arduino programming environment. I use a graphical environment called VVVV to read things from arduino. Have a look at the rs232 node and the things I posted about getting it to work .

you can read anything you want from the serial port

No. You can only read what is there. Otherwise, you're just making shit up. You don't need a serial port for that.

outside of Arduino 022 application

you mean IDE 0.22?

Advise to upgrade to 1.0.4 as 0.22 - although stable - is more up to date.

Use a program like hyperterminal, putty, etc. to read from the serial port. However only one application can be connected simultaneously to the COMport (normally), so you might need to switch.

you can read anything you want. What I meant was you can make any variable to be read and v4 will read it via the rs232 node. I use it all the time to debug the serial values im sending it via v4.

i also read datas from different ┬Ác's, that works fine and is easy to do. define and configure an existing com-port in your development system, open it and read the data asynchronous and display the result i.e. in a listbox i am using ms vb express 2010 for this - its free and easy to learn