Reading from ISOBUS (CANBus SAEJ1939 ISO11783) on Combine

I'm trying to get started reading some data from the ISOBus (CANBus) on a Case combine. It should be using SAEJ1939 and ISO11783. Using an arduino uno r3 and sparkfun canbus shield (isobus->obdII->db9 connection)

I started with code from the AgOpenGPS project - the ISOBUS Monitor example however when connected on the combine ISOBUS.available() always returns false.

I can get everything connected without issue and tried different can speeds to no avail. Struggling with where to troubleshoot from here.

Wondering if anyone here could help provide some direction?

Try with the Cory Fowler library

If you can successfully receive messages then transplant the getMessageISOBUS decoding functionality into your code.

Thanks for another great tip mikb55. I was able to get it working with the awesome Cory Fowler library (which is way better than the sparkfun/seed libs -would be nice to see these all combined).

I was also able to find some reference code from Copper Hill Tech that builds on an older version of the Cory Fowler libraries to do some more specific J1939 breaking out. Partway down this page there are some examples . I found the "ARD1939 - Requesting Messages" example the most helpful on that page.