Reading from Rotary encoder


I'm planning a setup involving this device: "EMS22A - Non-Contacting Absolute Encoder"

Looking at the datasheet it seems it uses a custom binary format but at a quite fast clock speed. I have a feather 32u4 but I don't think I can clock something that quickly.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a setup that would work well? I have some feather32u4 boards, would getting something to interface between the two be feasible?

Thank you for your time.

Click the search icon (magnifying glass) at top of page and type in "EMS22A".

Gah. I've even read that thread before but I must have had a daft moment.

Also that's interesting, the sensor is happy to clock at however slow I send the clocking signal? I am not very familiar with interfacing with these kinds of things and usually all the clockwork is taken care of for me.

Thanks again for that!