Reading From SAM D21 Address: Accessing a unique ID

As the title says, I am trying to read the unique 128-bit serial number stored in SAM D21 memory.

The data sheet says:

Serial Number
Each device has a unique 128-bit serial number which is a concatenation of four 32-bit words contained at the following addresses:
Word 0: 0x0080A00C
Word 1: 0x0080A040
Word 2: 0x0080A044
Word 3: 0x0080A048
The uniqueness of the serial number is guaranteed only when using all 128 bits.

I've been assuming that the above implies the serial number is stored in CPU Flash Memory (since the MKRWAN 1310 doesn't have EEPROM). Hence, I've tried using the FlastStorage library to read from the addresses as follows:

#include <FlashAsEEPROM.h>
void setup() {
while (!Serial);;;;;
However nothing is being returned.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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