Reading from serial terminal ATSAM3X8E

I am using a Arduino Due board (ATSAM3x8E). I am trying to take input from user through serial terminal. For that i used sample programs from Atmel studio. I am able to print in serial terminal (Teraterm). But i am not able to read from serial terminal, not even able to type in serial terminal. I tried some of the API already in the BSP part like (uart_read(), getchar(),..etc). I tried configuring USART also for the same controller and tried to read using (usart_read()), but it is also not able to read from serial terminal.

I tried using another board ATSAM4LC4C. Using that i am able to read from serial terminal (Teraterm) after configuring USART.

Can any one point out what is the problem with SAM3X8E, as am using almost same configurations for SAM3X and SAM4L. My final aim is to read whatever user enter in serial terminal.

1 more thing i tried is : I tried the same code in a ATSAM3x board( not an Arduino Due board). Using ATSAM3x board i am able to read from serial terminal but not with Arduino Due. Even though the codes are same and controllers are same am not able to read from serial terminal

Please Help me in solving this

Thanks in Advance

Did you try basic examples on Arduino IDE? Using serial monitor?

//tested on Arduino UNO
int incomingByte = 0;

void setup() {
void loop() {
	if (Serial.available() > 0) {
		incomingByte =;
		Serial.print("I received: ");

You're not using the Serial monitor at the same time you use Teraterm, are you?

I'm facing your same issue. I'm using ASF instead of Arduino libraries and with Arduino Board I'm not reading any character sent by Serial Monitor, but I'm able to write. Did you get an understanding?