Reading from the serial using a LTC2400 24 bit ADC

Here is exactly what I'm doing. I'm using a load cell to weigh items which is connected to an INA125p op amp. I needed a higher precision so I got a LTC2400 24 bit ADC and am reading the voltage output into the Arduino UNO.

That's the exact ADC I'm using. It says in the documentation that it sends the signal to UART TX. I can't for the life of me (I suck at programming) figure out how to actually read the voltage. Previously I was using A0 to read in the voltage and that worked just fine.

If you need the code I'm currently using or more information I can provide that. All I need it to know how exactly to read the voltage going into the Arduino. I've googled this for a while and anything I'm trying doesn't work. Any ideas? Sorry if this is a stupid question or I am posting in the wrong part of the forum.


Hello svartgeit

According to the listing you linked to, the module connects to the Arduino using the SPI bus. There is a link in the listing description to download a user manual (which has the hardware connections) and a sample sketch.



Oh yeah, I think I remember that. The manual mentioned the data being sent to UART TX. I know the sample sketch is specific to the project they refer to. I guess I'm wondering if I was sending my signal to analog 0 and now am trying to send it to the SPI bus, how can I modify that code to just read the voltage? I have a steep learning curve I think! Should I be reading more about the SPI bus?

Thanks for the reply!


Linear Technology supplys code for many Components . The development Board they support is called Linduino and is close to the Arduino.

i found a lot of learning stuff in the LTSKetchbook.