Reading from vehicle temp sensor

Has anyone tried to hook an arduino up to their vehicle's stock sensors? I'd like to hook my arduino up to my thermometer sensor and see the readouts. I figured I'd need some sort of library but wasn't sure if maybe there was a universal library that may at least get me going in the right direction or if someone could point me in a better direction?

Would that data be reported over the vehicle's CANBUS? Maybe start by tapping into that and monitoring what's going on. Look for a shield/card that uses the MCP2551 and MCP2515 chips, a CANBUS transceiver and converter.

I may dig into that here in a bit. For the time being I’ve removed the sensor. It’s a 2 pin probe. I thought maybe i could try and get some readings off it by finding a library for another thermometer and seeing if I can get anything out of it?

I’ve downloaded the 1-wire(GitHub - PaulStoffregen/OneWire: Library for Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire Chips) library and I’ll start seeing if i can get a reading

The sensor is probably using a thermistor, which changes the resistance with temperature.
Connect an ohm meter between the two pins and see what the reading is at room temp and write down the temp and ohm reading.
Next submerge the tip in ice water and this will give you your ohm reading for 32 deg.
Then do the same with boiling water. This will give your ohms for 212 deg.
With these three readings you can plot the transfer curve for your sensor.
You would then use the sensor as one leg of a voltage divider to input a voltage that the arduino can read.