Reading GPS through USB dongle

Hi, I have been using Arduino Uno for about six months now and have referred to the forum many times for guidance, but this is my first post. So I cant seem to find any help on connecting a usb, gps, device to my computer and then using the information given by the gps to give commands to the uno. I have seen the posts on how to directly connect the gps to the uno board, but I specifically want to read the gps through the com port on my computer, decipher the raw information (I believe it is called NMEA format), process and format the information into meaningful variables and then send commands to the board based on the variables. Can anyone tell me, first, if this is possible, and if it is, is it just a simple then deciphering the information and assigning variables to the information that I want? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

What exactly is the goal you are trying to accomplish? I'm sure the community can come up with a better system.

If you are trying to use your computer's processing power to process the raw GPS data, I imagine you would do it in RINEX format (not NMEA, which is just the coordinates with additional information). However I am not a GPS expert and I could be wrong.

Perhaps you could use the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module to send data wirelessly to the computer. I personally use this little chip all the time and it is extremely effective and reliable. I have used it in combination with an iPhone app that I developed to communicate between the Arduino and iPhone and it works fabulously. Best of all, it's super cheap, like $6.

nightsd01 thank you for the quick reply. My ultimate goal is to have a robot with on-board gps that will return to me and my computer and the gps module where ever I go by comparing the two coordinates and maneuvering accordingly. I would like to be able to control the robot wirelessly from my computer which is why I choose to go through the computer. If I chose to use the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module could I wire it directly to a gps module? and if I did wouldn't that be the same thing as a usb dongle except it would be wireless? Also I am familiar with serial communications but I have not yet attempted com over wi-fi. Is it basically the same principle or is there some other configuration needed.