Reading HT12D data output pin on input pin on Arduino or ESP8266-12e

Is there a way to take the data output signal from an HT12D and input it into an Arduino Pro Mini or ESP8266-12E? I want to know if and when the HT12D outputs a signal and then make another pin go HIGH when it is detected. Can I do this, do I need a special library, do I need to use resisters to lower the HT12D's 5v signal to 3.3v for the Arduino or ESP?

 digitalRead (D5);
     if (D5 >= SOME_VALUE){

something like this?

Pin 17 on the 18 pin package or pin 18 on the 20 pin package is a VT (valid transmission) pin. It goes high when a valid transmission has been received (address data received matches address pins setting). You will need to interface this pin to an input on your arduino, and yes you will need to level shift the signal if you are using a 3v3 device. You can use resistors to do that or make or buy a level shifter.

You don’t need to include any additional library. Your code reads a pin (which is driven by VT) and writes to a pin to indicate a transmission has occurred. Note that this does not present the decoded signal to your arduino, just that a valid signal has been received.

So if I have dip switches attached to both the HT12E and HT12D and have them addressed the VT pin will only go HIGH when the addresses match and a signal is sent. How do I write code to see if input pin gets valid Transmission signal. Thanks.

The only thing I don't like about this is I have to have it constantly reading the input pin because the valid transmission is for only about .5 seconds. Unless I can have it transmit for a second at a time and check it every second.