Reading http class stream fails to receive data

I am trying to receive POST response from externaly hosted PHP file.
I was Following the StreamHttpClient example which came with mine IDE and came-up with

void loop() {
 // wait for WiFi connection
 // if (( == WL_CONNECTED)) {
   if(!digitalRead(obnovaTlacitko)) {
       WiFiClient client;
       HTTPClient http; //must be declared after WiFiClient for correct destruction order, because used by http.begin(client,...)
       http.begin("Full website adress");
       http.addHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
       String httpRequestData = "Mine Post variables";
       int httpResponseCode = http.POST(httpRequestData);

       // get lenght of document (is -1 when Server sends no Content-Length header)
       int len = http.getSize();
       Serial.printf(F("Dostávam odpoveď dĺžky %d\n"),len);
       char buff[128]={'/0'};
       // read all data from server
       // get tcp stream
       WiFiClient * stream = &client;

       // read all data from server
       while (http.connected() && (len > 0 || len == -1)) {
         // read up to 128 byte
         int c = stream->readBytes(buff, std::min((size_t)len, sizeof(buff)));
         Serial.printf("readBytes: %d\n", c);
         if (!c) {
           Serial.println("read timeout");

         // write it to Serial
         Serial.write(buff, c);

         if (len > 0) {
           len -= c;

       Serial.print("[HTTP] connection closed or file end.\n");
   }/* else {
     Serial.printf("[HTTP] GET... failed, error: %s\n", http.errorToString(cisloOdpovede).c_str());

if I use </>Serial.println(http.getString());</> Everything works, but when I try to read data from stream I get time-out and no data is read. I have tried to use read(), but that resulted in infinite while loop as the data was newer emptied and client staid connected…

I am using ESP8266 but for final device I am considering its realtek alternative (I have more trust towards realtek when it comes to long-term reliability and opensource support, over the company whose product become major player because some Russian bloke noticed its cheap. I am using IDE only for compilation…

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Fixed the coding.
I have been mod on few forums and did not realized that I cant use </> as a markup(No markup on a programing forum), but it is only a symbol for code, so I have had code between two </>
I am not sure how the wrong assignment happen, I was in believe that I am putting it into communication. Unfortunately I do not see the option of shifting this thema so I would ask any mod passing if they can do it or you to advise me where to find the option

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Tomas, you didn’t pass the client object into http object. http then uses internal client object.
the example has
http.begin(client, “Connection Header”);

the example has some recent changes and the WiFiClient * stream = &client; doesn’t make much sense now.
simply use the client object to read the data.