Reading i2c signals and output them on a display


Unfortunately, I have no good programming experience and I am looking for help regarding my project since I have not found anything on the internet. At the same time I apologize for my bad english :confused:

My project is as follows: I want to read from an existing system (based on i2c or bascom avr), data such as speed/rangea nd other data and play them with an Arduino on a external display.

The system itself can play the data via Bluetooth on an app on my smartphone. Enclosed I send pictures to the boards.

I hope someone can help me, would pay this too.

Thanks and best regards from Germany.


We need to know also –

1. Master Arduino type in I2C Bus System: UNO, NANO, MEGA?
2. Slave Arduino type (if any): UNO, NANO or MEGA?
3, I2C slaves/sensors: BME280, MPU6050/9250, 24C512/32 EEPROM, DS3231 RTC, DS1307 RTC?
4. Display type: I2CLCD, PLCD, Serial Monitor, 7-segment?
5. Non-I2C sensors (if any): DS18B20, DHT11/DHT22, LM35?

Unfortunately, there is neither a manual nor any protocols.

It is an electric scooter which works with its own manufacturer app.

Enclosed I send pictures to the boards. One is the mainboard. The smaller board is built into the steering wheel for select different driving modes, on off switch, etc.

There is an OLED display planned 128x64px).

Thank you for your prompt reply.



Okay that makes sense. Did not know that there is such an area. Many Thanks!

Can you move this post there?

Would you do that for a fee?