reading LCD display signals

Hi there,

I want program an arduino to read LCD data - I have a 3d printer that can connect an LCD text display for output, I want to tap into that output so my arduino know's what the 3d printer is sending.

If you're interested why - I want to be able to send commands to the arduino via the LCD display from the 3d printer (commands that will be interpreted to do things, such as switch off power via a servo etc.).

Basically, I want the opposite of

Is this possible/easy enough to do? Or is it too hard to get an arduino to do this?


This is going to be a huge project.

Really? How come? Surely it's just a matter of reading formatted data and processing it

Well, start by posting the schematic of the 3D printer and LCD. Leo..

Well first you need to know what the datastream to the LCD is. Is it serial? is it I2C? is it multiplexing the pins? And so on. And how fast is the baud rate? Do you have a type and datasheet of the LCD? Are we talking of a normal 16x2 or a more complex one?

Next is reading that into an Arduino, and letting the Arduino understand what it is saying, without the functionality of the LCD being compromised.

O dear... The more I type the more questions I have...

Start with sharing the data!