Reading microcontroler stm32

Hello, can I read the code of microcontroller which is located on the sensor of the hoverboard ? The microcontroller is stm32 f103c8t6. The reason why I want to explore the code is that one sensor does not work, I change their places and motors are working ... So I even took off this microcontroller and put the other sensor and worked, means Microcontroller does not work or is damaged... So I want this code from the microcontroller to put on the microcontroller that does not work or is damaged If you want some pictures of sensor I send you here.. The name of sensor is TXTY150914NNC-6052FB_V2.1 Please help me ! Sorry for my bad English I'am from Serbia :D

Long answer: Unless the code has been locked you can probably get access to it as most (all?) CPUs allow you to read the flash memory if you have the right tools, IE an ICE or other in-circuit debugger.

HOWEVER, the best you will get is a HEX dump of the memory, there may be a "disassember" for your particular CPU that will turn the HEX listing back into something vaguely human-readable, but even if there is it will only be in assembly language, not C, and I would not bet on reverse engineering the code unless you are very experienced in such matters, and the fact that you asked pretty much says that you aren't.

Short answer: Forget it.

You need an ST-Link V2 programmer (these can be found very inexpensively on eBay) and the ST-Link utility available from ST (st-link.html). If the protection fuse has been set, the device will not be readable.