Reading MS4525DO Sensor's Measurement

Hi community!

So, for almost a year i'm trying to access an airspeed sensor which is MS4525DO
(datasheet: MS4525_datasheet ). It measures differential pressure and temperature by using pitot-static tube.

First, i need to access the registers to get the raw values and convert it to pressure and temperature by using functions which is available in the datasheet. Just right after i get the raw values (14-bit for raw pressure and 11-bit for raw temperature), i get an unique problem.

Without disturb the sensor, the raw pressure's value seems to be stable and responds when the pressure changes. On the other hand, the raw temperature's value always changes and doesn't respond when the temperature changes.

We know reading register values is the first step in measurement. Doing calibration will doing nothing because raw value is unstable.

Just to let you know, this is an analogy about my sensor measurement's condition:

I put down the sensor and don't disturb it, in order to see the stability of measurement
When the sensor starts, it measures 41.35 degree celcius.
One minute later, it changes to 45.51 degree celcius.
Two minutes later, it changes to 47.82 celcius degree. (not based on data but you get my point)
if you wait it for a couple minutes, the temperature will increase continuously (as well as the raw value) up to around 150 degree celcius and going back to -50 degree celcius.
note: there's no guarantee it measures 40 degree celcius in the first place, it can be any float number

How can this happen? Is the sensor fails to measure temperature? and How to fix it?

Big thanks for you all guys. Merci Beaucoup


How can this happen?

If you're sure that you connected the sensor correctly and read the register correctly, the sensor is probably damaged. As you didn't post a wiring diagram or the used code you're the only one that is able to check this.