Reading multiple battery voltages

I am brand new to Arduino so please excuse my ignorance.

I have an EV conversion with 32 LiPO4 batteries. Cell balance is always an issue and the BMS I have will cut power if any cell drops below 2.6volts. I would like to have advanced warning and wish to build a system which will read each battery and turn on or off an LED associated with that battery (ie 32 LEDs) when it reaches 2.8 volts so that I know I am getting close to cut off and also know which battery it is so I can boost it to balance the pack.

I see some Arduinos have up to 50 i/o pins. Can I do this or am I completely off base.

Thanks for any advice you may have, Pete

See attached datasheet.
Each of these chips has four logic controlled analog switches.
With eight of these chips (8*4=32) and all 32 switches wired in parallel with one side of all 32 switches connected to A0 analog input pin and the other side of each analog switch connected to one and only one of the 32 batteries,. A sketch that closes each switch for long enough to do an analog conversion and store the value in an array of floats, then open the switch , wait so many uSeconds then close the next switch, do a conversion, save the value in the array after incrementing the index and then open the switch, wait so many useconds and so on for all 32 batteries. An arduino UNO has six analog inputs. An ADS1115 ($20) has four 16-bit analog inputs so if you had eight of the ADG511 analog switches or some combination of analog switches and ADS1115 4-Channel ADCs , you could measure all the batteries . You would need a surface mount to DIP adaptor like this

for each of the analog switch ic’s because they are not available in a DIP package.

ADG511_512_513[1].pdf (141 KB)

Thank you for the help. I will study this and get back if I am still confused.