Reading Multiple Strain Gauges in Real-Time

I'm working on a project where I need to monitor the bending stress in a square bar in real-time. I would like to measure the stress in 4 spots. I already have 10 strain gauges (Omega 120 ohms Item# SGD-1.5/120-LY43)

This is the set-up I am considering:

  • 1/2 bridge circuit on a breadboard
  • 74HC4067 Analog multiplexer to eliminate the need for multiple HX711 (will just have to switch between which sensor is being read instead of reading from all of them at once)
  • HX711 & Arduino Uno

I'm fairly new to Arduinos and would appreciate any help or guidance. Does this set up seem feasible/compatible? Is there a preexisting code for the Arduino that you recommend?

Alternatively, would it be easier to read 2 measurements simultaneously than it would be to read 4 measurements one at a time through the multiplexer?

What does "real time" mean to you? Does there exist something like "unreal" time?

Use one HX711 for each strain gauge if you want to read the values fast.

Sorry about that-- it's the verbiage used in the project scope I was provided but I realize it doesn't mean much technically speaking.

It's for the wing of a fixed wing UAV. Based on your post, I'm thinking of having 1 HX711 on each side of the wing so help with reading values faster.

Strain gauges on wings typically measure waves. Are you sure that you don't have to process the wave of each strain gauge by its own dedicated controller? XY problem? What's the purpose of the measurement?