Reading Neurosky Blinking and Arduino

In my project I use an Arduino for receiving data from the Neurosky Mindwave Headset.
My problem is:
I'd use the eye blinking to light up an LED but I can not get this data. I searched for an answer and nothing came up. I did however find a youtube video of a man achieving this (Brain-Controlled Robot - Blink Detection Test - YouTube). I have a program that works to control and LED using the Neurosky Mindwave Headset, but it uses the attention feature.

How can I use the headset to light an LED up?
What is the code for the blinking to work?

Thank you

Hi, it the video does not show what the Neurosky is connected to.
The arduino is connected only to its USB programming and monitor cable, so most of the Neurosky processing could be being done in the PC, not arduino.
In fact you can see the TX/RX LEDs flashing as data is passed between arduino and PC.

Do you have a data sheet on the Neurosky and how its output is configured?
I suggest you do some research.....

Tom...... :slight_smile:

I don't have a data sheet of the neurosky's output.
I'm aware that in the video he uses a computer. But can it be done by programming the Arduino correctly. If so how?

Hi, did you try the link I posted as well, its from the Neurosky site. Note its title.

Tom..... :slight_smile:

Yeah I did thanks. Though that project appears to use your attention rather than the blinking factor.