Reading Nextion slider values'

Hello... First of all thanks for this awesome tutorial :)... Don't get me wrong, i tried to understand how you manage to get slider values from nextion and read them with arduino but i just don't get it because of my lacking programming skills... I wrote long time ago a function for reading serial data and it displays everything ok, but i just can't get a hold on slider values... With checked "send component id" i don't get any bytes that are changing when i move the slider... I tried also with printh h0.val and it prints out value, but that value is always remaining the same although i am moving the slider... Am i missing something obvious? Thanks

Hello VTI_16V
I asked the moderator to move this as it seemed to be more about your project than the tutorial, although I wasn't entirely sure which it was.
Thank you for the compliment, much appreciated.

There is a demonstration of reading slider values both in the introductory part of the tutorial and in part 4; Nextion additional features. Follow those examples.

With checked "send component id" I don't get any bytes that are changing when i move the slider.

My methods don't use send component ID so if you are checking that you are not using my methods. You don't need to use it for my methods to work.