Reading NMEA sentence from etrex venture GPS

I'm trying to interface my etrex venture Garmin GPS with Arduino UNO board. I just need to read NMEA sentence and print them on serial monitor. simple!... but it is not working....
Although my GPS unit is giving NMEA sentences perfectly.. I have checked it on Hyperterminal.
To connect with Arduino, I use RS232 to TTL converter based on Max3232 chip. Used several codes but nothing works perfectly. Just boxes on Serial Monitor display..
I've also tried several baudrate. used software serial on Arduino(RX-Pin 2, TX-Pin 3).. I also tried 3.3V and 5V for converter.
Relevant answers will be appreciated.

sketch_jul12a.ino (672 Bytes)




   Serial.println(char(data));   // ascii format

It is completely pointless to cast a char to a char.

Try printing the numeric value, instead.

   Serial.println(data, DEC);   // No stupid comment needed