reading nunchuck in a way that I havent seen bfore


I am treating the nunchuck as if it was a I2C serial eeprom, I am reading from the device 0xa4 and from the address 0x0000, and it just works!

What I noticed is that reading the data this way is:

  • Data is not encrypted,
  • no need to send a zero to get more data,
    just keep reading chunks of 8 bytes and you’ll get new readings
  • no need to put any delays anywhere

So what is the deal here? Documentation and samples say a whole different thing

this is my code:

void PrintNunchuck()
char temp[6];
SetEpromAddress16( 0xa4, 0x0000 );
ReadFromEprom( 6, (unsigned char*)&temp);
for (char i=0;i<6;i++)
PrintHex8( temp );

  • }*
    Any idea what is going on?

Interesting. Anyone tried this?

Is that valid data? Can you control any device with the nunchuck this way?

do you have photo(PCB) of your nunchuck ? there are five or more types of nunchuck sold on ebay, latest model with COG (chip on glass) accelerometer only works when in series with motion plus. I tried to link photos of different nunchucks but it doesn't work for 1st time posters.

Hi fmkit,

Nice to see you here too (I know you from rcgroups).

Now you have done your first post, you should also be able to put links and pictures in your posts.

Good luck!