Reading Oregon OS V3 sensors

Where I can find the code osv3.pde for reading the Oregon OS V3 sensors with an Aduino and RF 433Mhz receiver?


Google says:
No results found for "OSov3.pde".
No results found for "OSov3.ino".

What makes you think that a sketch of that name exists somewhere?

Perhaps you are referring to the Weather Station Receiver Shield and it's sketch from the book Practical Arduino?

If so, here is the link for the code: GitHub - practicalarduino/WeatherStationReceiver: Use an Arduino and a 433MHz receiver module to intercept and process weather data from a La Crosse home weather station

I half year ago I download the code osv3.pde, but I lost the program on my USB-stick.
The word in this site was: www.lostboy....
But I can’t exactly remember the name of the site.
Now I search again this code on internet, but I didn't found the site.

The website you are looking for is

Unfortunately the sketch for the OS V3 is not longer availabe =(

See this thread:,8242.0.html

You may ask the user to publish his sketch again. I already contacted him weeks ago but never got an answer.

Webmeister thanks.
You’re right.
The name of the site was
It’s pity that this site no longer works.
Maybe other members on this board can help us.


You need The WAYBACK! MACHINE!'ll find it there...

Hi Terryking,

Have you tried too download the osv3 file?
I can't download this file.

I cannot download the file also ....

Ahh.. Bummer!!

I downloaded it OK... but IT was the error page in HTML.. Sorry!


This guy didn't want his real name anywhere...

I'll try to do some other searching...

Sorry! for the false positive...

This guy didn't want his real name anywhere...

The website is registered to:

Brian McDermaid
LostByte Software
1441 West Ute Blvd
Suite #340
Park City, Utah 84098
United States

The DNS server it uses is a Dynamic DNS server pointing to a Comcast address so it was probably being run out of his home.

The company LostByte has the contact person:
Brian McDermaid
5099 W Sienna Rose Dr
Herriman 84065

Company Phone Number 001-801-8564654

Brian is currently a Development Manager at EbixLife, a maker of life insurance software.

Theres a Brian K Mcdermaid , age 42 and Brian Frank Mcdermaid , age 52 who live in Utah. Not sure which one is which. I'd try the email address above.


Brian from just informed me that he finally put up his website.
The earlier mentioned Sketch is now available again. You can download it from:

I tested the sketch and was able to read the sensor data from my outside weather sensors.


Many thanks for your energy!
Now I can further with my Arduino Weather Station project


Hey, what receiver you use to read the sensors and where you have bought?

A greeting and thank you very much.

I bought the AUREL RX-4MM5 AM receiver 433,92MHz at Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp (
I am very satisfied about this receiver.

This guy didn't want his real name anywhere...

I'll try to do some other searching...

Sorry! for the false positive...

Sorry for bringing back an old thread... but i thought i'd comment on this (i just saw it).

My name and contact info has always been located inside my osv3_decode sketch. I get emails/questions about this code all the time and i answer as many as i can. If i didn't respond to your email it wasn't because i was hiding... its because i was busy :roll_eyes:


Brilliant work mate!
Much appreciated. :slight_smile: Thank you :smiley:


Sorry to revive an ancient thread but any chance the is still available somewhere. I've spent hours trying to find it. Even sent an email to the original (i think) author with no success.

This package can decode all Oregon Scientific RF remote protocols
See wxrx.c