reading out cat door values (sureflap)

I am trying to hookup an arduino to a sureflap I already own trying to read out the values being scanned. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap - Keep Unwanted Cats Out!

I've opened it up looking for some possible connection points on the pcb. See attachment.
The bottom part of the pcb shows some connection pads which might be an option. But I don't know how to find that out. Anyone a clue ?

Those pads could be test points, a programming port, an input/output port, or all three.

You could write to the manufacturer, but they don't often give out trade secrets. Otherwise, you will need some good test equipment (at minimum an oscilloscope) to begin your journey.

I have mounted reed relay type door alarm contacts either side of the cat flap - these are operated by the magnet on the flap.
Each of these switches is connected to a cheap two channel car remote fob ( eBay)
That sends the signal to a remotely mounted receiver and onto the Arduino.

Works well and no trailing wires around the cat flap !

The only other signal I could spot was that powering the little motor to open the flap - but you can’t work out direction from that . If you could get the code , you could identify the pussy ( if you have more than one) , but still not direction.
If you really need that data look into a separate receiver that can pick up the chip in puss

Thanks. Going the oscilloscope way is a bit too much for me I'm afraid.
My goal is to know which one of our two cats is at going through the door.
I was messing around with a "standard" rfid reader, but that does not read cats. (wrong frequency).

Any chips with readable numbers on the other side?
That may give you some clues on how it works and what those pads are for. Especially if you can follow traces to those pads to find which exact pins they're connected to.

If you make no headway, and your pets use RFID chips you could put a standalone RFID reader. And perhaps pet "chips".

Or get the cat to wear a collar with rfid device you can detect

Wow, I am going to follow this thread, I would love to create something like this.

Might be useful to speak to the local vet and get some info on the chips put into the cat or the reader he uses to detect them ( easier than trying to take the chip out ).
You’ll then be able to find frequency etc. Google might be worth a go too !!
Having done all that, you’ll notice the flap has a large detector coil - anything you then add ( a second coil ?) could affect the performance of the flap.

Maybe worth watching this YouTube video.